JOHN REEVES- Reef Point Real Estate

"Immediately after he trained our team, we went from 25% conversion ratio to 85%...He will definitely have an immediate impact on your activities and bottom line." 

Julie Odel'- Regional Operations Keller Williams

"David is an incredible speaker and motivator. With the words he used, he had 70 people on their feet and taking action! " 

David's In-House Training

David Keesee is one of world’s most effective sales and performance coaches. His ability to deliver inspiration and have your people taking action is unparalleled. He has trained over 30,000 people to higher levels of performance and production. His average client increases their business by 10X year over year.

David has spoken all over North America at some of the biggest platforms. He is one of the most requested motivational speakers in the field. David's keynote topics include:

  • Mindset Training
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Conversion
  • Mastering the Skills of Selling
  • Modern Marketing and Video
  • Business Planning and Consistency

Please email [email protected] for all in house training and keynote requests.


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